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4 new fragrance in the Nablus® Soap line!

Friday, 11 November, 2016
Nablus - Fragranze

Vegetal-Progress® is pleased to announce the 4 new fragrances added to the Nablus® Soap line. The line reachs now a total of 12 fragrances, all able to satisfy the most varied tastes and needs.

The 4 new fragrances are:
- Nablus Damarosa®
- Nablus Goat Milk
- Nablus Fil-Fily®
- Nablus Pauper®

The soaps of Nablus® coming from the homonymous city: the second largest city of the West Bank. All of the Vegetal-Progress® Nablus soaps are based on olive oil,  certified “organic cosmetic” by Ecocert and each of them  weighs 100gr.

Every Vegetal-Progress® Nablus soap possesses these precious features:
no preservatives
no hydrocarbons
✓ no chemical surfactants 
✓ no EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid)
✓ no parabens
✓ no chemical fragrances
✓ no animal testing
✓ organic