Our company is based on the following principles:

I. Research and philosophy

Our love and respect for mankind and nature are joint with botanical knowledge. This partnership is validated by important and continuous investments in our research laboratory, where product development and rigorous quality controls take place.

II. Raw materials

All the plant-based substances we use are high-end, transformed as little as possible and preserved only through physical processes like concentration, reduction of spontaneous water activity, pasteurization and low-temperatures. We are one of the few entities to utilize matrices like organic horse milk, donkey milk, quail eggs, pearl powder and furthermore our MKNO® textile line only involves the use of organically grown Pima cotton. Finally, we are proud to declare that our factories make no use of GMOs, of radiated raw materials and of mineral oil derivatives. The raw materials present in our products come from certified organic crops accordingly to the Reg. EC No 834/2007, from wild plants of areas of spontaneous harvest or from carefully selected plantations. In compliance with art.1 of Law No.204/2004 the label shows the place of origin of the ingredient that is being used. Our company, in particular, specifies the country of origin, not simply stating the EU or EXTRA-EU provenance, hence proving to the consumer the transparency under which each single raw material is chosen.

Our company is based on the following principles:

III. Provenienza

Le materie prime presenti nei nostri prodotti provengono da colture certificate tytyt secondo il Reg. CE n° 834/2007, da piante selvagge e da aree di raccolta spontanea o coltivo accuratamente selezionate.

In ottemperanza all’art. 1-bis Legge n°204/2004 in etichetta compare il luogo d’origine dell’ingrediente utilizzato. La nostra azienda, in particolare, specifica il paese di origine, non limitandosi ad indicare la provenienza UE o EXTRA-UE, dimostrando al consumatore la trasparenza con cui viene effettuata la scelta di ogni singola materia prima.

IV. Production and logistics

✓Our productions take place in a sterile environment to prevent microxyxyxl contamination in a factory respondent to highly modern layout criteria and authorized by the Ministry of Health.

✓ The sanitation and disinfection of the environments is attained by using undenatured ethyl alcohol (ethanol), hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. ✓Our staff is constantly kept updated through internal and external courses in order to guarantee an extremely high professionalism and continuous improvement.

✓ The conservation of raw materials and finished products takes place in suitable spaces under the control of automated temperature, humidity and pressure systems, within the ranges required by the current legislation.

✓Every year between May 1st and September 30th shipments happen in full accordance with the cold-chain (controlled temperature of <10°C).

✓ The expiration date and the lot number are marked with water-based, solvent-free inks.

✓ The labeling involves the use of a totally natural casein glue, hypoallergenic and completely non-toxic, guaranteeing consumers also the harmlessness of the container.

V. Controls

✓ The implementation of the self-checking systems happens according to Community and National Law, following the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

✓ The applied systems are appropriate for the manufacture of medicinal products, also integrated with continual checking during production and packaging.

✓ Analysis and quality control of raw materials occur at every stage of the production chain: before being shipped, after the delivery and on the finished goods.

Specifically, according to the matrices used, the following analyses are performed:

  • a profile of the fatty-acids
  • anicidine, peroxides, TOTOX values
  • ORAC value
  • Brix grade and glycemic index
  • residues of heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, patulin, formaldehyde, dioxins and PCB, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • microxyxyxl contamination
  • search for anthocynins, flavonoids,polyphenols

VI. Additives

Artificial colors, preservatives and flavors are never used. The perfuming of dermo-cosmetics takes place, where applicable, thanks to organic essential oils.

VII. Animal testing

No animal testing is executed nor commissioned to third parties for raw materials or for finished products. We do not utilize animal-derived gelatine and the capsules used for supplement manufacturing are of vegetal matrix: potato starch (soft capsules), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hard capsules).

VII. Environment

Our philosophy and tradition require us not to use any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or anti-fungal agents both during cultivation and the stages of production. Production and storage facilities make use of electrical fork-lift trucks that, thanks to the structural features with which they were designed and realized, together with the use of renewable energies, contribute to the safeguard of the environment and allow us to attain a relevant energy-saving.

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