Welcome into the Vegetal-Progress®’s world! Facing with us and with our products means starting a path of human knowledge based on a respectful trust, daily keeping an eye on nature and healthy quality of life.Our staff is composed by physicians, chemists, biologists, nutrition experts, technicians and production workers.Every component of the team is an indispensable ring of our chain. Furthermore, two of the most important meanings for us are the unconditional love for the whole nature and the absolute respect for humankind. Vegetal-Progress®’s big family is pleased to get along with you showing its range of products. The comprehension of our philosophy and study is like a journey, starting from the raw organic food, moving to the complementary, and at the end to the cosmetics and the essential oils. Eventually, we have reached even an array of organic textile.Our mission is addressed to everyone: to our collaborators, customers and readers and it is focused on the transmission of our knowledge and the proper manners and attitudes that may help to sort out from everyday issues.  Our values are the results of Dr. Giorgio Perotti’s passions that led him founded the society in 1974.