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Aborigen® Manuka Honey Tablets


The pads of Manuka Honey Aborigen® contain a very high percent of the rare and precious  honey of Manuka coming from New Zealand.

They are all produced with the total respect of the natural ingredients carefully machined  without the use of heat.

The pads of Manuka Honey Aborigen® have these simple but important features:

√ They contain from 80 to 90% of Manuka Honey according to the tastes.

√ No lactose.

√ Gluten Free.

√ No yeast.

√ No OGM.

√ No sugar added. There is only the natural sugar of honey and fruit.

√ No preservatives or dyes.

√ Vegetarian.

√ Raw food.

√ None of the ingredients have been subjected to irradiation.

The pads of Manuka Honey are available in 4 different tastes, all packaged in blister packs of 8 pads.

Nutrition information

Average value per 100 g

kcal 395- kJ 1680
0,235 g
98,6 g
90,8 g
0 g
0,05 g
Consumption pattern

Slowly suck the tablets without chewing.

Slowly suck the tablets without chewing.

Not suitable for small children. Store in a cool, dry place below 25 ° C or refrigerated.


90% Manuka honey dehydrated (New Zealand origin), corn maltodextrin, calcium stearate

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