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Pure Green Mint (Mentha spicata L.) essential oil, unrectified and not redistilled.

Finest Mint oil with a fresh and clear scent, distilled from the most exquisite varieties.

Besides its extremely refreshing aroma, Fil-Fily® is characterized by a low content of cineole, making it suitable for all types of uses.

Mint, besides being an excellent tonic, can be an aid in case of difficult digestion and halitosis. In cosmetics it is generally used as an antipruritic.

At an emotional level, Green Mint acts as aphrodisiac and gives vitality and flexibility to a tired mind.

To distill 10 ml of essential oil 1 Kg of leaves and flowered summits are needed.

Indications for use

It can be used in food and liquorice, as well in the preparation of drinks and icicles, in aromatherapy, in perfumery, in massages, in clutches and in the environment diffusers.


Mentha viridis oil* (naturally contains d-Limonene, Linalool)


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Can I use it?

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