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Thecura® Rhinoceros Drink

Made with Elytropappus rhinocerotis of South African origin and of Chamomile flowers, Thecura® is a pleasant beverage which helps sustaining the body’s natural defences.

Thecura® Rhinoceros Drink is obtained from the young branches of Elytropappus rhinocerotis and is called for this reason “Rhinoceros tea”.

Thecura® Rhinoceros Drink is a traditional beverage that the South African Bantu peoples, among which the Zulu, drink also infused in wine besides in water.

With its warm amber color and its particular flavor, this drink is very much appreciated by the local populations and has always been used as a bitter tonic especially in the coldest season.

Preparation Direction

For preparation we suggest diluting 1 teaspoons of Thecura® in a cup of water, barely boiling it and letting it brew for about 15 minutes. Sweeten according to personal taste.



Elytropappus Rhinocerotis (South African origin), Matricaria chamomilla flowers (Egyptian origin) 

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