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Fadios® Red

Made with Dioscorea opposita (Chinese origin) flour, 100% from organic farming.

Fadios® Red is a light and highly digestible food, of a nice natural red-purple color, and a natural source of Iron. 

It represents a great and energetic daily dietary supplement, protector of the digestive tract.

Nutrition information

Average content for 100g | *RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance

kcal 361,75 - kJ 1537,25
5,1 g
85 g
0,15 g
Food fibers
9,72 g
10,7 mg (76,4% RDA*)
Preparation Direction

For preparation we suggest carefully cold-diluting 1 spoon of Fadios® Red in a cup of water, broth, soup, milk or chocolate and to boil stirring for a few minutes until a thick consistency is achieved.


100% Dioscorea alata flour.

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Can I use it?

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