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Zinzer® Tonic

Made entirely of African Grey Ginger powder, 100% from organic farming.

Known since ancient times in Asiatic regions, Ginger is widely used for food preparation as a spice and protector.

Its antiseptic, eupeptic and anti-inflammatory qualities are well-known.

Ginger improves the digestive function, regulates gastrointestinal motility and favors the physiological wellbeing of blood circulation.

Zinzer® Tonic can be used as it is, as a flavor enhancer or in the form of infusion, diluting a coffee spoon for average dose.

The use of this natural seasoning, which unites intrinsic properties with the capacity to enhance food flavors, can be of help for the observance of a healthy diet, with benefits on health and on daily efficiency.


Consumption pattern

As a seasoning Zinzer® Tonic can be used as you like on food also during preparation. Zinzer® Tonic infusion can be prepared dissolving the powder in cold water, boiling it for 2-3 minutes and letting it brew for about half an hour. We recommend preferably taking it on an empty stomach.



100% Zingiber officinale R. (Chinese origin) 

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Can I use it?

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