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Magredo® 2 Maple Syrup

Unadulterated 1st quality and highest purity Maple syrup, Grade C.

Used in times past by the Algonquian tribes, Maple syrup represents a food with high energy value. Exquisitely tasting, it is suitable to prepare refreshing beverages, ice creams, desserts, crepes, original and unique fruit plates.

Important source of vitamins and minerals, Magredo® 2 Maple Syrup favors a regular intestinal transit, the good state of mucoses and has body depurative functions. It is also an aid in maintaining the skin’s wellbeing. Excellent natural sweetener and taste corrector, Magredo® 2 is particularly suited as a support during slimming diets and for figure maintenance, but above all for those who practice a sport activity and need directly assimilable energy.

Vegetal-Progress® is an active member of the International Maple Syrup Institute.


Nutrition information

Average values for 100 g | * RDA: Recommended Daily Reason

kcal 251 - kJ 1066
0,2 g
62,5 g
0 g
Vitamine B2
0,8 mg (57% RDA*)
150 mg (18,8% RDA*)
2,5 mg (17,9% RDA*)
5 mg (50% RDA*)
2,5 mg (125% RDA*)
Consumption pattern

As an energizer or sweetener, a teaspoon of Magredo® 2 can be mixed with other food, or used to garnish desserts, ice creams and fruit. During dietary regimens we suggest taking 6 to 10 spoons of Magredo® 2 from three to five times a day, dissolved in lemon water.



Purity Maple syrup, Grade C, 100%

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Can I use it?

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