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RAWBITE® Protein

RAWBITE® Protein is made from 45% fruit (dates), 24% shell fruit (cashews, almonds), 10% peas or rice, pumpkin seed and cacao, 100% from organic farming.

RAWBITE® Protein is made with total respect for the natural ingredients, carefully carved without the use of heat: during manufacturing the maximum temperature is of 16°-18°C.

RAWBITE® Protein does not contain any animal products, lactose, yeast, GMOs, added sugars, preservatives, colorants, nor other additives.

Excellent source of energy, it is a vegan and raw vegan food, highly recommended for sport practitioners.


45% Fruit (dates), 24% shell fruit (cashews, almonds), 10% pea and/or rice proteins, pumpkin seeds, cacao


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