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Linfabet® Pure Birch Sap


Pure Birch sap, 100% from organic farming. Birch, also known as “the tree of the kidneys”, has been used since ancient times as an effective depurative in case of rheumatic or urinary diseases. 

Rich in amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts, Birch sap is especially indicated to favor the drainage of body liquids and the homeostasis of the urinary tract.

Linfabet® is a pleasant, unparalleled and precious beverage, already used by the ancient populations of Northern countries. 

Rare and absolutely natural product, it is exclusively made out of wild plants. It was introduced for the first time on the Italian and European market by Vegetal-Progress®, in harmony with the tradition that links our company to the most remarkable news in the field of natural products.

Modalità di consumo

We suggest drinking 1 glass of 100 ml of Linfabet® a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. Linfabet® can be taken as such or warmed up not over 60°C; feel free to add sugar or honey according to personal taste.


Birch lymph (Finnish origin) from organic farming


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