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Tepuma® Desert Lemon Drink

Made of Andropogon citratus D.C., Melissa e Thymus serpyllum praecox, 100% from organic agriculture.
The plants that make up this very pleasant natural lemon-flavored drink grow in the wild and terse plains located on the boarders of the american deserts and in the sandy deserts of North East Africa.
Tepuma® is an ideal beverage for any time of the day, thanks to its thirst-quenching and naturally aromatic properties.
Tepuma® will please all lovers of natural products always in search for high quality organic beverages, so important for the maintenance of wellbeing.


Modalità di preparazione

For preparation we suggest diluting 2 teaspoons of Tepuma® Desert Lemon Drink in a cup of water, bringing to the boil and letting it brew for 5-10 minutes.



Andropogon citratus D.C. (Egyptian origin), Melissa officinalis (EU origin), Thymus serpyllum praecox (EU origin) 


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